About Me

LoAnn T. Dang, CC.Ht.

LoAnn T. Dang, CC.Ht.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Advance Handwriting Analyst

Welcome to my life passion! 

My name is Loann T. Dang, a certified hypnotherapist, and my mission is to help you change your undesirable condition to a more desirable outcome. I’m a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI ), a nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy. During my clinical Hypnotherapy internship, I had the good fortune to work with the director of the institute and key senior staff instructors to learn how to integrate all my prior learning experiences into my hypnotherapy practice.

I specialize in General Anxiety. If you find yourself trying every effort to change your state of high anxiety and remain stuck, my job is to make hypnosis your last resource to help you achieve your desirable outcome. I believe all human beings have potential for greatness that is forgotten through conditions of life. Each time you experience a life’s condition, a habit form, such as eating disorder, chemical addictions, relationship failure that you can not seem to change, and you are coming to a point in your life where you feel you can not change the old behavior to adopt a more positive attitude, hypnosis can help.

As a hypnotherapist I work with the unconscious mind. While the conscious mind wants to make a change, the unconscious mind is where all the undesirable patterns lie. You are not alone and certainly not stuck. Change, healing and growth is possible.

How has hypnosis been proven to help?

A 2016 study done by the Stanford University School of Medicine found that hypnosis changes the activities in certain areas of the brain that include focus, control and monitoring of the body’s functions, and awareness and evaluation of the person’s internal and external environments. Doctor Pierre-Yves Rodondi at the University Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the Lausanne University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, said, “If hypnosis were a medication it would already be in all hospitals, but it is an approach, and thus it must overcome cultural barriers.” My goal as a hypnotherapist is to overcome this barrier.

What are the benefits of hypnosis?

In a hypnotic state called a trance, the unconscious mind is open for the hypnotherapist to discuss and suggest ways to change unwanted behaviors. It can improve the success for many conditions which includes:

  • Anxiety
  • Fears
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Grief and loss etc…..

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is not a dangerous procedure. It is not mind control or brainwashing. A hypnotherapist cannot make someone do something the person doesn’t want to do. Hypnosis is not for everyone, but it might be helpful for you. It can be an adjunct to mental health and medical therapy. Hypnosis cannot cure serious illness, force a behavior or change your personality. In some cases a medical referral may be required for issues of pain management and other medical related issues. If you are working with another counseling professional already or have goals beyond personal self-improvement then I may ask for a referral from the appropriate psychology professional.

I provide Physical healing

 Distant or In Person Reiki

 In Person Vibroacoustic Sound Bed

 In Person Crystal Bowl Vibration Therapy

Personal and Corporate Handwriting Analysis.

My services include

Relaxation Hypnosis

Smoking and Vaping Secession

Test Taking Anxiety

Past Life Regression